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What do we do at P2P?

Posted: June 17, 2019

People often ask what we do at Parent2Parent! 

Well, for the past four years we have been offering support to parents who are struggling with teenagers and young children suffering from anxiety related conditions. 
We have a small group of trusted volunteer parents who have all experienced many years of struggles with their children and they have gained invaluable experience. 
Talking to another parent who understands your situation is very comforting and it’s amazing how many tips you pick up from their experience. 
Our volunteers unfortunately cannot solve your problems and they are not mental health trained professionals, but they have lived the day to day struggles, and know only too well what it’s like everyday to watch your child suffer and feel powerless. 
So, you can either ring our helpline on 240999 or text, or message us on Facebook, then we can have a chat, 
following that we can either meet up and have a coffee one to one at our charity office, or you can attend the next support meeting, whatever you feel happy with either way there’s no need to struggle on your own 😊